Our Company

At Angel Loans, we make guarantor loans possible up to £10,000 with the support of your nominated guarantor

About us

If you're struggling to get finance on your own and have been dismissed by other high street lenders who may have only looked at your credit score, then come to Angel Loans. Angel Loans can help you borrow up to £10,000, with the help of a guarantor.

We allow you to nominate a guarantor, who will co-sign your loan application, which allows us to consider both your credit scores as well as other affordability factors, like yours and the guarantor’s income. Everything can easily be agreed upon from home and at Angel Loans your privacy is assured at all times.

We are Family-run and privately owned and Angel Loans serves a broad range of clients throughout the United Kingdom and we will always do our best to find the ideal path forward for you. Be rest assured the Angel Loans senior management team brings a combined 30+ years of experience in the consumer credit and financial services industries and are proud members of the Consumer Credit Trade Association, the Financial Conduct Authority, and the National Association of Pawnbrokers.

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The Team

Angel Guarantor Loans’ senior management team brings a combined 30+ years of experience in the consumer credit and financial services industries.

Jeremy Hilburn

Jeremy brings over 25 years of management experience at global organisations to Angel Loans to ensure we provide a perfect customer experience during the loan and at loan completion.

“We have high standards, as do you! To ensure we meet your expectations, we train all our staff and provide regular ongoing training”

Jeremy hilburn

Julian Goldie

Julian, a former partner in top UK chartered accountant firms for over 20 years, ensures appropriate financial control for every client with a human face and voice to discuss your loan.

“Our collections team are always available with a friendly voice to discuss your account queries, settlement requests or even a new loan advance”.

Julian goldie

Paul Hilburn

A specialist in consumer lending and collateral loans with a passion for providing a first-class borrower and guarantor loan application journey with Angel Loans.

“We aim to deliver a perfect experience to meet all of your loan requirements”

Paul hilburn